Choose The Best Sunglasses For You

by Glenna Garcia on May 21, 2012


Have you ever wondered what the different terms mean exactly when talking to someone that really ‘knows’ their sunglasses? Like, do the different colored lens’ really make a difference? What about the UV rating? Are metal sunglasses better than plastic? There is so much to consider when you choose the best sunglasses for you.  Some things will simply be a matter of your own comfort and means…like the price.  But some things you will want to be aware of and be sure you are looking out for no matter what kind of sunglasses you select or even where you get them from.  Take for example the UV rating. You need to be sure that the sunglasses you choose have UVB protection.  Yes, UVA is important as well, but it’s the UVB rays that will damage your eyes so you want to get a pair of sunglasses that protects you from both.

You will want to check out the full article we found on REI’s website that give’s some really great information about the different aspects that make up a good pair of sunglasses.

Choose The Best Sunglasses For You

Lens Color (Tint)

All sunglass lenses are tinted to cut down on overall brightness and enhance terrain definition. But your choice of tint colors affect your vision by influencing 1) how much visible light reaches your eyes, 2) how well you see other colors, and 3) how well you see contrasts.

  • Brown/gray/green—Brown, gray and green lenses are color-neutral, which means they cut down on overall brightness without distorting colors. These darker shades are intended primarily to cut through the glare and reduce eyestrain in moderate-to-bright conditions.
  • Yellow/gold/amber—Yellow, gold and amber lenses provide less overall brightness protection, but excel in moderate-to-low level light conditions. They provide excellent depth perception, which makes them perfect for skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports. They also enhance contrasts in tricky, flat-light conditions.
  • Rose/vermilion—Rose- and vermilion-colored glasses really do make the world seem brighter. They provide excellent low-light visibility and enhance contrast (perfect for skiing and snowboarding in cloudy conditions). They also enhance the visibility of objects against blue and green backgrounds, which makes them ideal for driving or exploring in forested areas.
  • Mirrored or flash coating—This refers to a reflective film applied to the outside surfaces of some sunglass lenses. They reduce glare by reflecting much of the light that hits the lens surface. Mirrored coatings make objects appear darker than they are, so lighter tints are often used to compensate for this.  (Full article here)

When it’s time to choose the best sunglasses for you, the information above and in the full article can really help you.  Yes, some items like brand names, shape and cost are totally up to you as an individual, but knowing what you are actually paying for is always smart to know.  Do you have a brand or style of sunglasses that you would swear by and stick to no matter what? Let us know – either in the comments section below or on our Facebook page. Thanks!


The Best Kids Sunglasses – Julbo

by Glenna Garcia on May 20, 2012


In keeping with the theme of our last post, we would be remiss in telling you to encourage your children to wear sunglasses, and then not tell you about the best kids sunglasses around.  Yes, there are many that are more stylish and cute, and yes, there are plenty that are good enough, but these are simply wonderful all the way around.  Stylish…check.  Lightweight…check. Made of good quality materials…check. Reasonably priced…check. Colorful…check. Sunglasses that your child will love…double check!  I’m talking about the Julbo Bubble Sunglasses.  Yes, Julbo has other styles and looks besides the Bubble sunglasses and they are all ‘the best’. Here, we are showing the Bubble style as it is great for wearing during sports activities, in particular.

The Best Kids Sunglasses – Julbo Bubble

Features of Julbo Bubble Glasses include wrap around coverage, flexible temples, grip tech temple inserts and curved stems. Bubble Julbo Sunglasses provide optimal comfort and ideal protection to your growing child. The Spectron 3+ lenses are light with excellent shock resistance making them suitable for any type of sport activity. They also have flash treatment which improves visible light filtering with mirror effect lenses. (More here)

Oh, darn! Did I forget to mention that they’ve even won an award? Silly me. Optics Planet even gave these sunglasses the “Best Girls’ Sunglassess” award in 2011.  Nice, right?  Your little ones can learn good habits from you and choosing the best kids sunglasses (Julbo Brand!) around is always a good decision. And hey, they won’t mind because these sunglasses are light, bright and will make them look like the little rock stars they really are.

Post of pic of your child in their sunglasses on our Facebook page and share the cuteness.  Have questions? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d be glad to help!

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How To Select Sunglasses For Surfers

by Glenna Garcia on May 19, 2012


If you happen to be an avid surfer (or a wanna-be surfer…no judgements made here!) then you know that the combined toll of the sun from above and the the sun reflecting off the water can really do some damage.  You need to know how to select sunglasses for surfers so that you can properly protect your eyes.  This is a very serious matter and really needs to be addressed -any kind of water sport that you participate in regularly can be extremely harmful to your eyes.  Have fun, look cool, but always, always, be safe and cover your eyes with quality sunglasses.  We’ll show some examples and then give you some tips about selecting the right sunglasses.

How to Select Sunglasses for Surfers

1. Always look for the OSHA label with 99 or 100 percent UV protection.

2. Look for sunglasses that are close-fitting and wrap-around to help prevent UV rays from getting in the sides and top of the frames.

3. Price is not important! The bottom line: look at UV protection. The higher price just means you are getting a hipper style or more expensive metal frames. Cheaper plastic frames actually last longer.

4. Don’t go by color or darkness of the lens. The outer coating (which is clear) filters out the UV rays, not the color. The color does provide some comfort, but without a UV coating, the darker colors actually fool your eye into opening up more and let in more harmful rays.

(Read the full article here)

As with anything, habit is the key. When you know how to select sunglasses for surfers or for any kind of water sport that you and your family are involved in, the next step is be sure you always have your sunglasses on to protect your eyes.  It’s even a good idea to get your children in the habit by getting them sunglasses and encouraging them to wear them every time they are outside with you.  Be active, be bold and be smart! Take care of your eyes!

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Oliver Peoples 2012 – Float

by Glenna Garcia on May 18, 2012


Each years it’s a new campaign. One that speaks to you…yes, YOU (!) and encourages you to see life through a pair of sunglasses. Let the world take on a different tinge.  That is what the Oliver Peoples 2012 “Float” campaign is centered around.  We will explain how the ‘float’ part comes in in a minute, but you have to admit that the marketing department at Oliver Peoples really know what they are doing. Smart, easy, sexy and cool, the new campaign might be right up your ally.  Whether it is or not, let the beautiful sunglasses they make speak for themselves.  Take a look and see if you don’t know exactly where I’m coming from.

Oliver Peoples 2012 – Float Campaign

This season’s collection is inspired by the excitement of a college campus where the history and tradition of learning are merged with young students’ energy and new ideas. This is reflected in the designs, infusing the art of craftsmanship with modern updates. Dakota Johnson and Thomas McDonell star in the brand’s portrayal of a youthful sense of freedom and desire. The story of these two flirtatious young beings is set on the iconic campus of the University of Southern California. (see the video here)

Youthful, quirky even, these sunglasses speak to a way of life for a generation.  They know who they are and where they are going. Ambitious, yet full of fun, they look at the world their own way.  They look at each other and see love that is new. Ah, how it feels to be be young is captured here.  Oliver Peoples 2012 “Float” video showcases so much more than the beautiful and amazing sunglasses and glasses that he has created, it showcases memories.

Share your memories below or on our Facebook page, and let us know what you though of the video!


Robert Downey Jr. – Sunglasses Man

by Glenna Garcia on May 9, 2012


Known for his personal style and easy way with looking good, Robert Downey Jr. (Sunglasses man!) has always had a bit of a penchant for protecting his peeps with gorgeous sunglasses.  He has chosen more outlandish styles in the past – you know, ones that were a bit more head turning. With age, he’s taken his passion for sunglasses and taken his look up a notch.  We are certainly happy to see that! Whether he’s dressed to the nines or sporting a more casual look, he just looks good!

Robert Downey Jr – Sunglasses Man

These last frames are Prada Linea Rossi sunglasses. They are sleek and very manly. Robert certainly has a way with them and has been spotted in them several times.  The clean lines and gradient lens really add a nice sophistication to his overall look, while somehow preserving his youthful charm.  Maybe it’s his reserved smile, but you can always spot Robert Downey Jr…Sunglasses Man no matter which sunglasses brand he’s wearing.

Do you have a certain brand or frame shape that you return to time and again? Or do you mix it up whenever you get the chance?  Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


BVLGARI Fireworks Sunglasses

by Glenna Garcia on May 7, 2012


Okay, so Bvlgari is not usually known for crazy lines or over the top looks that will have people scratching their heads.  That’s fine. We get it, we know, and that’s part of what makes the brand popular. It’s solid, it’s reliable it’s classic in the ‘classic’ sense of the word. But these Bvlgari Fireworks sunglasses show a more showy side of the designs.  It’s good to have a little fun now and then, no? It doesn’t all need to be so austere and serious and these sunglasses are out to sparkle and put a little glint in your eye.

Bvlgari Fireworks Sunglasses

The 8031B style is a typical over-sized frame that has very nice detailing on the side of them.  The floral design is beautiful and will accent other jewelry you are wearing.  With a retail price of about $360, I wouldn’t be wearing this to the beach.  Also typical is the shape of the temples, which start off really thick near the lenses and get smaller near the loop on the end.  It’s a really nice style that should be complimented with equally stunning clothing. (Read more here)

These really are quite stunning. The design is from several years back and seems to have touched off a line of eye wear that incorporates a mix of metals and gemstones on the frames… And what a great idea it is!  The Bvlgari Fireworks sunglasses line is really pretty, innovative and different. I hope these ‘classics’ never go out of style!

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Garrett Leight Designer Sunglasses

by Glenna Garcia on April 30, 2012


With a growing classic design set, Garrett Leight designer sunglasses are really making a name for themselves. Each year reflects a different idea cohesively. This season reflects the spirit of California in all it’s glory! The smooth, easy, laid back and beautiful feel of California is all there for you to put on and walk right out the door with.

Garret Leight Designer Sunglasses

Son follows dad’s footsteps in designing a classy and beautiful Aviator sunglasses. Garrett Leight, son of Oliver Peoples founder Larry Leight, goes his own way and makes his own line of eyewear. This classic design, called the California Optical Speedway, bears an 18k gold and zylonite frame with green lenses. It’s available in gold/tortoise or gold/caramel color combinations made just to your liking. (Read more here)

Relax and take a carefree cruise down the coast with the laid back sophisticated style of Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO).  Effortlessly fusing timeless design with the “spirit of California” there is a clean aesthetic to GLCO that just feels right. After embracing classic American heritage in their last collection, this season GLCO gives us a touch of West Coast nostalgia as they pay tribute to their California roots.

From ‘Geek Chic’ to classic aviators to Hollywood glam, Garrett Leight designer sunglasses can’t steer you wrong. With a look for every mood and for every occasion, you need look no further than Garrett Leight sunglasses.


Kylie Minogue – Sunglasses Style

by Glenna Garcia on April 29, 2012


Kylie Minogue sunglasses style ranges from the fairly demure all the way to the edge of fashion.  Most often spotted in a pair of Ray Ban’s, Kylie has also branched out to try some different kinds of sunglasses and thus stretched her look to match her singer persona. And we are so glad she did! Not only is she beautiful and talented, it’s nice to see a range of looks to get our own ideas from. Ray Ban sunglasses seem to be her fallback look, as she has been pictured in several different versions. Ray Ban does suit her…but she actually looks good in many frame shapes. Her face really does lend itself to different styles, so she’s lucky that way!

Kylie Minogue – Sunglasses Style

ksubi’s extra limited edition and futuristic “wright” metal sunglasses are now available at oak in both white and gunmetal. featured in the s/s 08 runway show, ksubi only made 50 pairs and distributed them with the greatest of care. scooped up by trailblazers like m.i.a., kanye west and even kylie minogue these suckers are really hard to come by… (read more here)

Not afraid to reach out and really embrace a new look, Kylie is a great example of how a great pair of sunglasses can change your look and help to really accessorize an outfit.  They are fun and meant to be experimented with, so take your cue from Kylie Minogue sunglasses style  and looks.  What range of looks have you tried out? Let us know below in the comments section or on our Facebook page…


Elvis Presley Sunglasses

by Glenna Garcia on April 28, 2012


Not only was Elvis known for his beautiful singing and innovative sound, he was also widely known for his personal style and look. This included his hair, clothes, shoes and Elvis Presley sunglasses! Distinctive silver and gold, his sunglasses let you know that he was familiar and okay with being noticed.  Try not to look at him with his substantial frames and initials on the bridge.  You know for sure when you see these frames who they belonged to and who wore them best. Would that really stop you from at least trying them on, though?

Elvis Presley Sunglasses

When anybody says “Elvis” what comes to mind?  How about this…

That high-collared, rhinestone-clad jumpsuit with the flared bellbottom legs, that thick, slicked-back black hair looking oh-so-perfect, those crazy and erotic dance moves as he pointed at women in the crowd, and of course, the sunglasses. Outrageous, flamboyant and bigger than life translated into Las Vegas and Elvis.

Yeah, saying the name brings many images to mind and many memories. Movies, song lyrics, that crooked smile and yes, even Elvis Presley sunglasses were a huge part of the persona and the look. So much so, that it’s rare for anyone to try and really copy his look, even with the sunglasses alone.  Would you try to rock out some Elvis sunglasses? Post your pics on our Facebook page!


Beautiful Tom Ford Sunglasses

by Glenna Garcia on April 25, 2012


If you want ‘the’ sunglasses that will make a statement and get you noticed, then you are looking for a pair of beautiful Tom Ford Sunglasses. They are well made. sleek, nicely designed and just too delicious for words.  Known for his trendy ‘must have’ designs, Tom Ford has made sunglasses that are known with just one look. The design and style speak for themselves and are obvious quality.

Beautiful Tom For Sunglasses

Tom Ford Islay sunglasses use clean, innovative lines for subtle hints at high-fashion design. A universally flattering shape and classic Havana frames are just the thing that will have people wondering who the chic passerby is. Dark Havana enamel frames with golden temples. Rounded, brown gradient lenses. Logo script at left brow. 100% UVA/UVB protection. (Read more here)

How amazing are these aviators? With a great double bar, they are really just too awesome.  The cat eye’s above are also on trend and just the right size…they cover your full eye without swallowing up your whole face. Tasteful and eye catching these beautiful Tom Ford sunglasses are made to suit any situation and any person’s particular style.

Do you own a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses? Which design is your personal favorite? Let us know below!