Elvis Presley Sunglasses

by Glenna Garcia on April 28, 2012


Not only was Elvis known for his beautiful singing and innovative sound, he was also widely known for his personal style and look. This included his hair, clothes, shoes and Elvis Presley sunglasses! Distinctive silver and gold, his sunglasses let you know that he was familiar and okay with being noticed.  Try not to look at him with his substantial frames and initials on the bridge.  You know for sure when you see these frames who they belonged to and who wore them best. Would that really stop you from at least trying them on, though?

Elvis Presley Sunglasses

When anybody says “Elvis” what comes to mind?  How about this…

That high-collared, rhinestone-clad jumpsuit with the flared bellbottom legs, that thick, slicked-back black hair looking oh-so-perfect, those crazy and erotic dance moves as he pointed at women in the crowd, and of course, the sunglasses. Outrageous, flamboyant and bigger than life translated into Las Vegas and Elvis.

Yeah, saying the name brings many images to mind and many memories. Movies, song lyrics, that crooked smile and yes, even Elvis Presley sunglasses were a huge part of the persona and the look. So much so, that it’s rare for anyone to try and really copy his look, even with the sunglasses alone.  Would you try to rock out some Elvis sunglasses? Post your pics on our Facebook page!

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