Oliver Peoples 2012 – Float

by Glenna Garcia on May 18, 2012


Each years it’s a new campaign. One that speaks to you…yes, YOU (!) and encourages you to see life through a pair of sunglasses. Let the world take on a different tinge.  That is what the Oliver Peoples 2012 “Float” campaign is centered around.  We will explain how the ‘float’ part comes in in a minute, but you have to admit that the marketing department at Oliver Peoples really know what they are doing. Smart, easy, sexy and cool, the new campaign might be right up your ally.  Whether it is or not, let the beautiful sunglasses they make speak for themselves.  Take a look and see if you don’t know exactly where I’m coming from.

Oliver Peoples 2012 – Float Campaign

This season’s collection is inspired by the excitement of a college campus where the history and tradition of learning are merged with young students’ energy and new ideas. This is reflected in the designs, infusing the art of craftsmanship with modern updates. Dakota Johnson and Thomas McDonell star in the brand’s portrayal of a youthful sense of freedom and desire. The story of these two flirtatious young beings is set on the iconic campus of the University of Southern California. (see the video here)

Youthful, quirky even, these sunglasses speak to a way of life for a generation.  They know who they are and where they are going. Ambitious, yet full of fun, they look at the world their own way.  They look at each other and see love that is new. Ah, how it feels to be be young is captured here.  Oliver Peoples 2012 “Float” video showcases so much more than the beautiful and amazing sunglasses and glasses that he has created, it showcases memories.

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