Robert Downey Jr. – Sunglasses Man

by Glenna Garcia on May 9, 2012


Known for his personal style and easy way with looking good, Robert Downey Jr. (Sunglasses man!) has always had a bit of a penchant for protecting his peeps with gorgeous sunglasses.  He has chosen more outlandish styles in the past – you know, ones that were a bit more head turning. With age, he’s taken his passion for sunglasses and taken his look up a notch.  We are certainly happy to see that! Whether he’s dressed to the nines or sporting a more casual look, he just looks good!

Robert Downey Jr – Sunglasses Man

These last frames are Prada Linea Rossi sunglasses. They are sleek and very manly. Robert certainly has a way with them and has been spotted in them several times.  The clean lines and gradient lens really add a nice sophistication to his overall look, while somehow preserving his youthful charm.  Maybe it’s his reserved smile, but you can always spot Robert Downey Jr…Sunglasses Man no matter which sunglasses brand he’s wearing.

Do you have a certain brand or frame shape that you return to time and again? Or do you mix it up whenever you get the chance?  Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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