BVLGARI Fireworks Sunglasses

by Glenna Garcia on May 7, 2012


Okay, so Bvlgari is not usually known for crazy lines or over the top looks that will have people scratching their heads.  That’s fine. We get it, we know, and that’s part of what makes the brand popular. It’s solid, it’s reliable it’s classic in the ‘classic’ sense of the word. But these Bvlgari Fireworks sunglasses show a more showy side of the designs.  It’s good to have a little fun now and then, no? It doesn’t all need to be so austere and serious and these sunglasses are out to sparkle and put a little glint in your eye.

Bvlgari Fireworks Sunglasses

The 8031B style is a typical over-sized frame that has very nice detailing on the side of them.  The floral design is beautiful and will accent other jewelry you are wearing.  With a retail price of about $360, I wouldn’t be wearing this to the beach.  Also typical is the shape of the temples, which start off really thick near the lenses and get smaller near the loop on the end.  It’s a really nice style that should be complimented with equally stunning clothing. (Read more here)

These really are quite stunning. The design is from several years back and seems to have touched off a line of eye wear that incorporates a mix of metals and gemstones on the frames… And what a great idea it is!  The Bvlgari Fireworks sunglasses line is really pretty, innovative and different. I hope these ‘classics’ never go out of style!

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