The Best Kids Sunglasses – Julbo

by Glenna Garcia on May 20, 2012


In keeping with the theme of our last post, we would be remiss in telling you to encourage your children to wear sunglasses, and then not tell you about the best kids sunglasses around.  Yes, there are many that are more stylish and cute, and yes, there are plenty that are good enough, but these are simply wonderful all the way around.  Stylish…check.  Lightweight…check. Made of good quality materials…check. Reasonably priced…check. Colorful…check. Sunglasses that your child will love…double check!  I’m talking about the Julbo Bubble Sunglasses.  Yes, Julbo has other styles and looks besides the Bubble sunglasses and they are all ‘the best’. Here, we are showing the Bubble style as it is great for wearing during sports activities, in particular.

The Best Kids Sunglasses – Julbo Bubble

Features of Julbo Bubble Glasses include wrap around coverage, flexible temples, grip tech temple inserts and curved stems. Bubble Julbo Sunglasses provide optimal comfort and ideal protection to your growing child. The Spectron 3+ lenses are light with excellent shock resistance making them suitable for any type of sport activity. They also have flash treatment which improves visible light filtering with mirror effect lenses. (More here)

Oh, darn! Did I forget to mention that they’ve even won an award? Silly me. Optics Planet even gave these sunglasses the “Best Girls’ Sunglassess” award in 2011.  Nice, right?  Your little ones can learn good habits from you and choosing the best kids sunglasses (Julbo Brand!) around is always a good decision. And hey, they won’t mind because these sunglasses are light, bright and will make them look like the little rock stars they really are.

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