Men’s Airblaster AirShades

by Zach Kay on September 29, 2011


Cheap and functional, just the way men like it. There’s no muss and no fuss when it comes to Airblaster’s 2012 Airshades. These funky specs come in black, blue, brown, grey, hot green, purple, white and yellow. Period. No fancy names resembling flowers or coffee with this in-your-face, high velocity company from Oregon in the U.S.

The company’s guerrilla-style mantra follows simplicity in that their sunglasses are “ideal for people with two eyes, a nose, and two ears.” Somewhat of a philanthropist mentality, Airblaster doesn’t discriminate: “Although we definitely don’t want to exclude you if you happen to be missing any of the above, you could probably make it work with some duct tape or something.”

Glamour is definitely not in the company’s vocabulary, and their inexpensive retail price reflects this. Airshades can be purchased online or in stores for less than $15. According to, “Money [doesn’t] grows on trees or anything, [so] we understand that your dollar is valuable and you must be cautious on what you spend it on. With this said why would you buy any sunglasses that cost more then $15? You can not even get that price at the local gas station.”

In addition to saving pennies, you can protect your eyes because the shades are UV400 coated with 100% UVA/UVB protection. They maintain a classic and consistent design style, containing the wayfarer design and “AIR” logo on the temple. The company prides themselves on producing sturdy and stylish gear to hit the winter hill and enjoy the outdoors.

The Airblaster aesthetic will also “give you style for miles at a fraction of the competition’s cost. You could cop all eight colors and still have some scratch left over to buy lunch for the price of one pair of another brand’s shades.”

Wait! That’s not all: “These steezey specs are UV400 rated so you know they’ll protect your peepers.”