Alain Mikli

Alain Mikli and Asymmetrical Sunglasses

by Zach Kay on October 6, 2011


Whether it’s Picasso or Plume, French eyewear designer Alain Mikli’s chunky sunglasses never go out of style. Yes, they met their hay-day in the ‘80s with wild fashion, color and architecture that would make a lasting impression on any face, but the fact that starlets and fashionistas alike are still wearing the trend today speaks volumes!

Janelle Monáe was caught wearing a pair of retro black and white Mikli shades in a London bar last year, and then there’s the ever-popular Kanye West Shutter Shade debacle – fun fact; Mikli personally designed West’s shades per request of the rapper.

In addition to these modern big names, Elton John was a regular Mikli brand wearer back in his crazy sunglass-wearing days. Andy Warhol (above) and Bono were also known to frequent the designer’s extravigant eyewear.

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