Carrera’s New Vintage Style

by Zach Kay on August 12, 2011


Everyone from Rihanna to Christina, Usher, Gaga, both Justins, Gwen and P.Diddy, sport the sporty Carrera shades. It is not a secret; rockstars love the brand and have loved it since 1956, when CARRERA was just starting out as a sporting label namely for cycling and other velocity-friendly sports. It wasn’t too long after that the brand who is into “racing sunglasses” would become a star-studded favorite.

Carrera 5530
Carrera 5530

CARRERA’s newest shades are resurrected from a thing of the past. The CARRERA 5530 and its brand new accomplice, the 6630, are two styles sure to turn heads. A modern twist on their ’70s vintage favorite, the 5530 has a softer, rounded shield shape. It is available in black with smoky grey lenses; a white and black mix with silver mirrored grey lenses; a black and blue mix with blue mirrored lenses (a CARRERA favorite); black, white and orange with yellow lenses; fuchsia, white and black with smoky grey lenses; blue, white, and red with light grey lenses; black, red and yellow with smoky grey lenses; and a black and red with silver mirrored yellow lenses. Urbanly exotic? Yes.

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