The Making of Chanel Sunglasses

by Glenna Garcia on February 23, 2012


What makes Chanel so amazing? The details. Plain and simple…the work that goes into the details is extraordinary and the process that is involved in creating and the making of Chanel sunglasses, and I’m talking about a single pair of sunglasses even, is incredibly impressive.  Watch the video below and let’s see if your jaw doesn’t just drop like mine did.

The Making Of Chanel Sunglasses

From the concept, to the design, to the manufacturing, to the assembly of each pair – we can see the dedication and soul that goes into the creation of every single piece. This is one in a series of videos that Chanel has created and put out there and it’s pure genius.  When you see what the making of Chanel sunglasses is really all about, you begin to not mind paying the price.  This is a wonderful marketing campaign that showcases the work and love that Chanel puts into what they do. It’s inspirational and will help in creating an extra sense of pride when you don a pair of their amazing sunglasses.  Well done, Chanel…well done!


Pippa Middleton Is Stylish In Chanel 5205 Sunglasses

by Glenna Garcia on February 22, 2012


The buzz around the royal family has only quieted down a little bit in recent months, but they are all still heavily watched and looked to for their cool and sophisticated looks.  And even though she is the sister of the bride, Pippa Middleton is stylish in Chanel 5205 sunglasses.  Pippa can get away with a bit more of a casual look than Kate…and yet both sisters are becoming known for a kind of classic ease of elegance that can’t be taught.  No wonder she’s been seen in Chanel!

Pippa Middleton is Stylish in Chanel 5205 Sunglasses

When you are dealing with Chanel, you can see the craftsmanship, innovative technology and superior lines that are created in each piece.  That said, their designs are never boring and often are quite avaunt-garde with plenty of colors and style choices to keep you busy trying to decide on which you like the best.  The Chanel aesthetic is always upper crust and trendy and this is part of what makes a statement about you when you wear a pair of these beautiful sunglasses. Let’s take a quick look at a couple of other designs from the 2012 season.

As you can see, the truth is always in the details! With beautiful leather and metal braid or silver and sparkles against a blue frame, Chanel delivers high end quality that will help you to look beautiful while helping you to see beautifully.  Pippa Middleton is stylish in Chanel 5205 sunglasses, and you can too with any of their many designs and color options. You just can’t go wrong with Chanel!