Chilli Beans

Chilli Beans Sunglasses

by Zach Kay on October 15, 2011


They have got to be the coolest, the swankiest, the most coveted pair of specs out there! I’m talkin’ Chilli Beans. They’re like a party for your face!

This company wreaks stylish Brazilian pungency as they pride themselves on being “provocative, spicy [and] involving. [Chilli Beans] is the spice brand,” they claim.

In addition to awesome designs and innovative aesthetics, Chilli Beans also plays a hand in functionality by launch[ing] around 10 new models of sunglasses every week, with a mix that reaches children and adults,” they said. “The lines are divided into Kids, Classic, Metal, Sports, Trends, Brazil and Specials, a handmade premium line, produced with noble acetate and a differentiated colour chart. All lenses have UV protection and are tested and approved by IBC/Inmetro.”

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