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Madonna Sunglasses

by Glenna Garcia on April 10, 2012


As a fashion icon of the highest kind, the pop star rarely disappoints.  Madonna sunglasses can always be counted on to turn heads and be an impeccable accessory to any outfit she wears.  Whether she is out exercising or dressed to the nines for an event…or somewhere in between, Madonna knows what fits her face and what will truly compliment an outfit.  How does she do this? Who knows! But it’s certainly worth taking notes on, most of the time. She also knows quality when she sees it, so you can be sure that nothing is done in a cheap manner or of bad materials. Only the best works for the Material Girl.

Madonna Sunglasses

The pair just above are from Tom Ford. While these are paired with a more casual, athletic look – they still look really great on her.  The gold detailing and slight curve to the lenses is really flattering. The dark color of the lens maintains her privacy while being cool and chic at the same time. These look comfortable as well as really stylish.

The middle pair is from Christian Dior and the top pair are Yves Saint Laurent. See? She knows how to pick from the best of the litter! Madonna sunglasses will always be high quality and beautiful at the same time.

Do you love her choice of sunglasses? Ever envied a pair of sunglasses that you saw on Madonna? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you!


Christian Dior’s 2012 Collection

by Zach Kay on December 2, 2011


Christian Dior’s new collection of eyewear is as rich and luxurious as ever before. The fashion house, best known for their incredibly high-end styles and designs, definitely live up to their reputation with this season’s line of specs.

“Zest is the secret of all beauty,” said the late Christian Dior of his inspiration. “There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.”

And zest is what the house achieved with Dior’s Virevolte model sunglasses (above). They are a made from sleek brown mother-of-purple acetate, and resemble Dior’s contemporary and feminine clientele beautifully. In all of Dior’s good taste these peepers are a limited edition make with only 1,000 pieces, so hurry up for these lovelies!

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