Jennifer Lopez Sports Sunglasses With Gradient Lenses

by Glenna Garcia on January 31, 2012


A trend that seems to come around is that of the gradient lens. Now, as I already said, it’s not a new way to go with sunglasses, but it can be made fresh with some love and creativity from designers.  As we see here, Jennifer Lopez sports sunglasses with gradient lenses and looks her diva best doing so.  With great colors and some nice details, the gradient lens is back!

Jennifer Lopez Sports Sunglasses With Gradient Lens

Whether it’s the above Bvlgari Acetate Emerald sunglasses with grey gradient lenses or these Gucci classic aviator sunglasses – the gradient lens looks fierce. Why is that, do you think? Is it the ‘almost’ hidden eyes that makes these so alluring and attractive? What ever it is, when done right, it brings a lightness to the face that is unique and different. I guess that’s why this trend resurfaces every few years with a new twist of some kind.  Now if only we could all do it with the attitude of JLo, we’d be set. I admit it, Jennifer Lopez sports sunglasses with gradient lenses in just about the perfect way…with frames that are eye catching and sun kissed hair all around.  Well done!


Gucci’s Cruise-Control

by Zach Kay on November 30, 2011


With a variety of eclectic spring and summer 2012 styles of sunglasses to choose from, not including the many variations on the original designs, Gucci definitely precedes the likelihood of finding at least one look to love for next season.

Gucci’s illustrious new line incorporates a blend of elegant colors, original embellishments and noble materials to create a collection that wreaks sophistication, like the GG 3505/S (above).

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