Solid…Handsome…Persol Sunglasses

by Glenna Garcia on December 28, 2011


Ahh…to be a man…that’s what Persol Sunglasses represent. Iconic, manly, rugged with a sense of ease. Yes, stylish, yes, tasteful, yes, yes…but also useful and convenient. Take a look at these Persol styles to see what what I mean.

Of these little gems, says:

Persol dark Havana folding sunglasses with green lenses, metal hinges and motif on lens. In a handsome colourway of smokey amber and rich emerald green, these cool sunglasses are a look straight from The Talented Mr Ripley – tuck them into a shirt breast pocket and you’re ready to go.

Well, no wonder, then! If these are good enough to star in a movie with Matt Damon – then it’s no wonder they appeal to the understated and well traveled man.

Persol Folding Sunglasses
Persol Folding Sunglasses

But that’s not even the half of it, really. We next have the Steve McQueen collection of these sunglasses, as he is the one to have originally made them famous.

Persol Sunglasses

It was 1968 when an already famous and charming Steve McQueen appeared on set wearing the Persol PO 714 SM model for the first time. The film was The Thomas Crown Affair which elevated both Steve McQueen and his sunglasses to legendary status. (More here.)

This relaunch from Persol of these sunglasses has been quite a success! Cool and interesting, they add function to a style that is always in style.  Don’t you agree?  Be sure to leave you comments below and let us know what you think of these amazing Persol Sunglasses.


Alexander Skarsgard in Persol Sunglasses

by Michael Sojevic on August 16, 2011


Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) was spotted in New York City recently sporting a pare of black Persol Sunglasses. Perisol, derived from the italian phrase “per il sole” meaning “for the sun”, is a popular Italian eyewear brand owned by the Luxottica Group and introduced into the United States in 1962.

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