Robert Downey Jr. – Sunglasses Man

by Glenna Garcia on May 9, 2012


Known for his personal style and easy way with looking good, Robert Downey Jr. (Sunglasses man!) has always had a bit of a penchant for protecting his peeps with gorgeous sunglasses.  He has chosen more outlandish styles in the past – you know, ones that were a bit more head turning. With age, he’s taken his passion for sunglasses and taken his look up a notch.  We are certainly happy to see that! Whether he’s dressed to the nines or sporting a more casual look, he just looks good!

Robert Downey Jr – Sunglasses Man

These last frames are Prada Linea Rossi sunglasses. They are sleek and very manly. Robert certainly has a way with them and has been spotted in them several times.  The clean lines and gradient lens really add a nice sophistication to his overall look, while somehow preserving his youthful charm.  Maybe it’s his reserved smile, but you can always spot Robert Downey Jr…Sunglasses Man no matter which sunglasses brand he’s wearing.

Do you have a certain brand or frame shape that you return to time and again? Or do you mix it up whenever you get the chance?  Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


Prada Classic Sunglasses Collection – Spring/Summer 2012

by Glenna Garcia on January 4, 2012


A simple “hellooo” is needed when you see these sunglasses. The Prada Classic Sunglasses Collection – Spring/Summer 2012 is simply ravishing. Well, what else did you expect?

In true Prada fashion (pardon the pun!) the statement is made: Bold, Luxurious, Classy, Clean, and of course, To Die For! Take a look at both the men’s and women’s sunglasses for this coming season and see if you don’t want to reach out and grab a pair for yourself.

Prada Classic Sunglasses Collection – Spring Summer 2012 had this to say about the men’s collection:

Designs and shapes reminiscent most of actors’ styles from the 50s, while the colors chosen varied from classic to modern, such as the green glasses with a unique combination of lightweight plastic and gold metal.

It certainly is true that some of these styles bring to mind a bit of eras gone by…but with a freshness that is really nice.

Strong with classic and elegant touch, this collection is proposed in graceful and detailed craftsmanship that combines both high tradition and modern innovative designs, promising the spirit of luxury and sophistication of Prada.

Ah, again, I have to agree. There is a combination of soft and strong in these Prada Classic Sunglasses. Collection Spring/Summer 2012 is looking good to me!  Which color do you favor for this spring? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page.


Prada’s Minimal-Baroque Capsule

by Zach Kay on September 15, 2011


Truly a unique and innovative venture into the world of eyewear (but then again, when is Prada anything but original?), Prada’s spring/summer 2011 line known as Minimal-Baroque, the “capsule collection of baroque eyewear,” used multiple avenues of inspiration.

“The idea takes its inspiration from the spring/summer 2011 womenswear collection and represents a truly creative fil rouge,” said Prada.

The Minimal-Baroque eyewear line held triple deluxe models that paved the way for three up-and-coming illustrators – Marcela Gutierrez (left), Andrea Tarella (middle) and Ivo Bisognano (right) – to work their magic and create what became the brain child of the Minimal-Baroque capsule. Miuccia Prada hired the three herself to design Prada’s sunglasses lookbook based on the shows in Milan and Beijing.

Prada described the “project” as “deluxe eyewear from the show with a decidedly baroque style, homage to colour, to fun and above all originality.” Extracting the “baroque” out of the sunglasses and giving them a human element was definitely a fashion forward, avant garde move by Prada.

The next step for the Minimal-Baroque line was “From Drawings to Pictures,” and it was all about collaboration and creation. The house just released two new styles of shades from the collection last May, turning the specs into literal pieces of art and coacting with Vogue Talents (the annual supplement of a special section within the Vogue Italia’s digital platform called, and dedicated to finding new talents in fashion) to commission a team of eight modernly florid photographers – Federica Di Giovanni, Kuba Dabrowski (right), Ciraudo Majola, Mattia Buffoli, Rosi di Stefano, Tassili Calatroni (below), Tatiana Uzlova and Tomás Nogueira (left). These lensmen were responsible for “interpreting the new Minimal-Baroque styles in a pop-comic manner,” and creating a series of photographs out of their interpretations.

The photos ranged from convivial to elegant, and went on display with the shades in Prada stores in Milan, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Istanbul, Madrid and New York. The aesthetic of the new specs were still a part of the deluxe rococo design that was originally created for the Milan and Beijing Prada fashion shows, although the two later versions are adorned with swirls on either the rims or temples, but not simultaneously.

Both of the Minimal-Baroque styles of sunglasses range from $290 to $390 and are intended to be part of limited edition. So you better pick yours up before they expire!