Swarovski’s Crystal Light

by Zach Kay on August 31, 2011


The 2011 summer collection by Swarovski is both pristine and crystal clear without all the bling. “This collection celebrates the beauty of changing light, capturing it in designs that evoke, with total clarity, the architectural language of crystal,” said Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin. The collection distills light entrapped by cut crystals without cluttering the specs. They’ve blended glamor with a unique twist on the brand’s normally studded jewelry and accessories.

The company teamed up with Marcolin, the classy Italian eyewear designer, to create fashionable and timeless luxury in the form of sunglasses. “Celebrating the beauty of crystal and its play of light has been an exciting technical challenge, making each pair of glasses an extraordinary and stylish accessory,” said Maurizio Marcolin, Marcolin’s Style and Licensing Officer.

The collection launched 12 styles last January, basing the designs off of the plethora of women’s moods. They have continued to incorporate 45 total pieces into the collection. “Crystal has worked its magic on each and every pair,” says Swarovski. “With effects ranging from subtle hints to strong sparkling statements.”

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