Yves Saint Laurent

Leighton Meester Orange Sunglasses

by Glenna Garcia on April 18, 2012


Young, hip, fun and full of color…wait, I’m talking about the sunglasses, not the starlet!  Okay, Leighton Meester orange sunglasses are right on trend with a bright hue and a great shape. They cover the full eye and have a really nice gradient that keep them feeling light.  What about that slight orange highlighting to Meester’s hair? Was that to match the sunglasses or are the sunglasses meant to match her hair?

Leighton Meester Orange Sunglasses

These gorgeous glasses are from Yves Saint Laurent and are sleek and bright.  The color is just right, with a great orange color that is not too bright not too muted. It is a great color that is very flattering to many different skin tones.  The two silver bands on the arms add a little pop of sparkle and help dress up these frames.  YSL is a brand you can depend on for trendy sunglasses that are still accessible.  You can feel like your own television star and step out looking just like Leighton Meester, orange sunglasses and all.

The look is pretty casual…would you wear them the same way or would you dress them up? Let us know in the comments section below!