How To Select Designer Sunglasses – Video

by Glenna Garcia on April 4, 2012


Here is a great video that will teach you how to select designer sunglasses for your face shape.  Yes, I must warn you that it’s a little bit of a long video at just about 18 minutes – but the guy really does go over some great information.  If you ever wondered what kind of case or documentation comes with a high quality pair of sunglasses, you will get a chance to see some of the wonderful cases and extras that are often part of the package when you select sunglasses from different designers.

He also explains how some designers name their sunglasses so that you can tell which ones are meant for women and which are meant for men. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, right? The information also encompasses what features you might want to look for and what to be aware of with different design shapes.

How To Select Designer Sunglasses

You can really tell he loves sunglasses and has a passion for quality.  The sunglasses he shows and talks about do have a pretty similar shape, but it was still interesting to see how even subtle design shape differences could end up looking really different on him.  There were several designs that could be used to accent or take away from different face features and that was fun to see as well.  Overall, while the video could have been a little more succinct, he did give a good effort at explaining how to select designer sunglasses and what to look for if you want different looks.

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