Eyewear Frames

With so many options out there today, choosing a type of frame for your eyewear probably isn’t number one of the list. From metal to plastic, rims to rimless, and round to square the choice can get more and more confusing, especially the more you shop around.

A very popular style that is making a comeback is the “Retro” style. This 1950’s look offers the thick, black frame with the clear lenses. This is a very sleek look for people are looking for something a little more edgy and fun. Rimless frames have been a favorite style of eyeglasses for years. They usually have a thin wire frame but leave the lens totally rimless; this is a very classic look. If you like the rimless style, but want something that looks a little sturdier, the half rimless style is a good choice. This style of specs has just the top of the frame as a thin wire and it connects to the lens; the bottom half of the lens is left completely rimless. Another very popular style for the person on the go is that of the titanium eyewear. They are extremely hard to break and are very durable for all types of conditions.

It is very important that you feel comfortable with your frames. They need to match your personality and your style sense. You can purchase them in all different color from black to grey to red to purple. When purchasing your frames you need to make sure that they fit properly around your ears and sit comfortably on your nose. If your frames are not comfortable to wear then chances are you will not wear them? Whichever type of frame you choose to fit your face, style and personality make sure that it is also dependable and worth every penny. Eyewear frames are not cheap and you need to make sure that you choose the right ones.