ADIDAS Sunglasses

Adidas Sunglasses are specially designed with the athlete in mind. Adidas has been a well-respected company for many years and they manufacture all types of sporting gear. Regardless of the sporting activity, there is a style perfectly suited to protect the athlete’s eyes, be they a professional or a non-professional.

Adidas Sunglasses are constantly researching the latest technologies and they incorporate these findings into the most current and up to date designs. They have many different styles and models. Many offer flex temples and soft saddle bridges to provide the most comfortable fit. They have wrap-around lenses that are great for protection against not only the sun, but also the dust, wind, bugs and insects, while enabling the wearer to have an all-round field of vision. They are sporty, ultra-light and durable.

Some other features include tinted lenses for use when playing golf, tennis and other sports. Adidas also designs their sunglasses to prevent the frame from shattering. One model, the A270 Thruster, features a 9-base Vision Advantage Lens and a zero distortion lens made of polycarbonate, and the frame features a quick-change lens system, quick-release hinge safety mechanism, and integrated traction grip on the temples. They also have clip-on lenses.