Arnette Sunglasses

Arnette Sunglasses are designed with the extreme athlete in mind. They have redefined eyewear performance is sport sunglasses design. Their frames are made from superior quality materials which serve to provide excellent UV protection.

The have many different styles and frame colors to choose from. As for the lenses, there are four different colors and each one offers different areas of specialized protection. You can choose from a polarized, green, grey or smoked, and a brown lens. The polarized filter will protect your eyes from the reflected glare from snow, sand, water or road surfaces. The green will reduce visible light while maintaining very clear vision and is recommended for prolonged use in extreme conditions.

The grey or smoked lens will protect the eyes from dangerous ultraviolet radiation without distorting the colors perceived and are very comfortable to wear for an extended period of time because it absorbs the quality of light at any wavelength. The brown lens will filter out a large proportion of blue light while providing excellent contrast and well-defined images, thus giving optimal vision on terrain with irregular luminosity. They also perform an extensive serious of quality control testing to ensure the excellence of the sunglasses.