Calvin Klein Sunglasses

Calvin Klein Sunglasses allow you to look stylish at a reasonable price. Calvin Klein is a well known fashion brand that was founded in 1968. They are known for their minimalism, classic mentality and their all-American designs.

They sell just about every type of clothing and accessory you can think of, including underwear and fragrances. Their ad campaigns are often controversial for their sexual nature. Their sunglasses are structurally modern with sculpted shapes and clean lines. A popular model is the aviator style with the oversized metal frame, narrow metal arms with logo, silicon nose pads and a unisex style that comes in yellow, crystal blue, brown and cobalt blue.

Another style is the metal frame shield sunglasses with gradient tint reflective lenses and 100% uv protection. They come in white or black. Calvin Klein sunglass allow you to look stylish at a reasonable price. Innovative with lightweight yet distinctive frames in a wide range of sizes and colors. $100- mid $220 range. They offer sunglasses that have a detachable arm that reveals a 4GB USB port that is hidden inside the arm thus allowing you to carry your important information in covert style. They offer prescription models as well.