Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses offer ultra-sleek designs that are comfortable and lightweight. Marc Jacobs is one of the hottest young designers around and his creations are worn by the hip, young crowd. He is the face of his brand and he is friends with many of his celebrity clients, often seen out and about with them at high profile events in New York City.

His brand is based on a modern energy but with a nod to vintage styling that produces trend-setting designs that have a retro flair. The sunglasses are incredibly popular and comprise a range of styles including aviators, glamorous sports styles and oversized frames. They are contemporary and super stylish with their wide range of styles and colors that seem to look good on just about everyone.

He takes square and round shapes and gives them a unique twist that makes them truly original. Color and pattern are strong features of the oversized shades in hues of vibrant blue, violet and red, as well as patterns such as brown tortoiseshell. The branding can be found on the arm. The sunglasses of Marc Jacobs can easily be described as having an urban styling with a nod to the past.