Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford Sunglasses were launched in 2005 and are the choice for anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of high fashion. Tom Ford is an American fashion designer, who is also well known for his time spent at the Italian fashion house of Gucci, where he infused new life into that brand.

Today he concentrates on his own self-named brand. He is very popular with the hip male celebrities who are often seen wearing his designs at red carpet events. While he only designs clothing for men, he has sunglasses for both genders. His sophisticated yet unique design sense combines designer frame styles with optimal functionality. Some of the more notable styles are the dramatic and oversized Simone, Whiney and Lilliana styles, which are given women’s names to further invoke a sense of femininity.

He also does men’s styles that feature an either dark chrome or brushed silver lenses finish. There is also the Charles, which is an aviator model that gives men an infusion of chic sophistication. The Nico is a very oversized retro style with thick black frames and squared edges. For sunglasses that epitomize high fashion and drama, look no further than Tom Ford.