Versace Sunglasses

Versace Sunglasses are designed by the Italian fashion house of Versace, which was founded in 1978, by Gianni Versace. After he was murdered in front of his Miami house in 1997, his sister Donatella took over the reigns. The brand is associated with luxury, glamour, and sexy style.

Their dresses are best known for their vibrant colors, plunging necklines and wild prints. When Jennifer Lopez wore their daring green, extremely low-cut dress to an awards show, the company became known beyond just those in the fashion know. Their sunglasses continue in the vein of being ultra-sexy and curvy, just like their clothing line. They can usually be found in tortoiseshell or black, however, they are available other colors. Some of the styles include the square, fly and wrap around.

Many of the frames have the medusa or half-medusa logo on the arms, while others have the Versace logo written, or engraved, on the side. Some women’s styles have added flair with the use of delicate crystal detail. Regardless of the shape or style, their frames are known for being extremely lightweight. Versace sunglasses are worn by an international crowd of fashion forward followers who love and appreciate their luxurious styling.